Niigata Kagura Calendar

In Niigata, the distinctive Kagura Dance that is closely tied to the lifename of each village has been handed down and dedicated to the spring/autumn festival for wishing for good harvest and expressing gratitude for the year. It will be a valuable experience where you can experience the culture nurtured by Niigata, one of Japan's leading rice-growing lands. The dates are subject to change, so we recommend that you check in advance. The kagura Dance of the village is a ritual dedicated to the shrine, so please observe the manners so that you do not cross the gated kagura or enter private land without permission. The dots on the Google map indicate the approximate locations of the villages.

name Akatsukadaidai Kagura
Event date April 15, 2020
Area Nishi Ward
Remarks [Citizens' Cultural Heritage] Every year at the Akatsuka Shrine Spring Festival on April 15th, four elementary school children dedicate the Chigo Dance and Daidai Kagura. At the end of Tata Kagura is the Daikoku Dance, which is popular among children because sweets are thrown for them to pick up. The Chigo Dance disappeared in the Heisei period due to the circumstances, but it was revived in April 2010 (Heisei 22) with the cooperation of the locals wishing for a revival, and has been dedicated at the Akatsuka Shrine Spring Festival.